Babson College Scholarships For International Students

Babson College Scholarships For International Students

Massachusetts scholarships at Massachusetts Babson College Scholarships are a very golden chance for the session 2023. A student having certificates that are alternates of IELTS can apply for the scholarship so no need to worry about IELTS.

Moreover, the students having a low-grade point average can also avail this opportunity by applying for this scholarship because there is no GPA restriction.

Application fees for Babson College

An application fee for Babson College is just 75 US dollars. You can apply at Babson College directly with some applicable criteria.

In this article, you will learn the standards of Babson College in the United States of America which is a most prestigious institute for business. It will help you to learn the nomination and ineligibility criterion along with the scholarship opportunities that can be available for you and also the students to be on the waiting list.

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Available Disciplines

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Management
  3. Operation and information management
  4. Accounting
  5. Math and science
  6. Arts and literature
  7. Marketing
  8. Economics
  9. Finance
  10. Law
  11. History and society

Advantages of scholarships at Babson College

  • There will be no tuition fees at Babson college.
  • Accommodation will be arranged by Babson college.
  • Libraries will be accessible without any cost.
  • A living allowance will be provided.
  • The college will afford any experimental material if required.
  • Medical insurance will be safeguarded.

Acceptance and rejection rate at Babson College in 2021

The receiving rate of Babson College was 26.4%.

Babson College has a high receiving rate of candidates as per world reports and USA news. The only cause for this acceptance is that Babson College is not that much renowned as other institutes like Harvard, Princeton, and Stanford are but is in outstanding competition with these institutes.

Following are the Acceptance and rejection percentages at Babson College

  • Reception percentage: 24.4%
  • Renunciation percentage: 73.6%

Information regarding the waiting list at Babson College

At the end of admissions at this institute, the office of Babson College standby the waiting list of students intermittently. There can be two reasons for the admission of waiting students;

  • Firstly, if the office reserves some students during the admission process, then there is an option that the university can revisit the application of new students who applied.
  • Secondly, if the office places some students at the end of the admission process then there are no more seats for students to fill then the office would wait for the preceding students if they want to leave or not.

There are two months fixed for the waiting list; the end of March or the start of April. Usually, this occurs when the whole admission process is finished.

Scholarships available at Babson College

  1. Babson grant
  2. Blank scholarships
  3. Canada’s scholarships
  4. The leadership of women’s scholarship
  5. Class of 49 scholarship
  6. Davis united college scholarship
  7. Scholarship of DECA
  8. Abroad grant for education
  9. Enrico Dallas scholarship
  10. Federal supplementary educational grant
  11. Global scholarships
  12. Honors scholarships
  13. Babson grant merit step
  14. Deans scholarship
  15. Federal Pell grant
  16. Gilbert grant
  17. Diversity leadership scholarship
  18. Weissman scholarships
  19. Michael j. Conlon ’94 memorial scholarships awards
  20. Presidential scholarships
  21. Sorenson arts scholarships
  22. Junior achievements scholarships
  23. Other state and mass grant scholarships
  24. Needham town scholarships
  25. NFTE scholarships
  26. POSSE scholarships
  27. Wellesly town scholarships
  28. Yellow ribbon scholarship

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