Chinese Scholarships for 2022 (List)

Chinese Scholarships for 2022 (List)

A variety of fully-funded Chinese Scholarships are presented by China for foreign candidates which do not even require IELTS for the admissions in the year 2022. China comprises more than 270 well-recognized universities around the world which make this country fit for foreign students.

Financial assistance from the Chinese scholarships

There are different kinds of facilities for all the international students under this scholarship:

  • A monthly stipend
  • Accommodation facility
  • Health insurance
  • Free education
  • Funding for research work

Can we study without IELTS in China?

China is the most admired country which does not necessitate IELTS for their admissions instead, also, proficiency certificates are required to be submitted.

List of Chinese scholarships available in 2022

In more than 270 universities in China completely funded scholarships for the year 2022 are available for international candidates;

Chinese government scholarships CSC scholarships 2022

Foreign candidates and teachers who are eager to participate in some research can be benefitted from this scholarship. The scholarship aims to create a bond between China and other countries. China scholarship council will afford all these scholarships in more than 274 institutions in China. The facility of accommodation, traveling and a monthly stipend will be available along with the studies.

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Jiangsu government scholarships

The local government has taken this step in the promotion of higher education in the province of Jiangsu. Those students who wish to pursue their careers here are welcome to study a complete degree program here. Students will be provided accommodation, monthly stipend, health insurance, and travel expenses via this scholarship. Along with this fully funded scholarship, there are stipends that will be provided to students with some amount of money every year.

Hubei provincial government scholarship

International students who want to study in this province are welcome to study here. Students will be given some allowance every year for their living expenses in this country and the tuition fees will be afforded by the university itself. There are different completely and partially funded scholarships available for bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs that are being offered to foreign candidates. Eligibility for this scholarship requires the condition of getting approval from the government of China.

Beijing government scholarship

This program originated in the province of Beijing with the assistance of the local government. This program includes half/full tuition fees for candidates and bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs are being offered by this scholarship.

UNESCO/ People’s Republic of China Co-sponsored fellowships program 2022

In association with the government of China, this program has been initiated by UNESCO. Students from many countries can be benefitted from this scholarship and undergo their careers in research studies at universities in China. To make yourself eligible for this scholarship, you must prove your proficiency in the English language.

International Chinese language teachers’ scholarships

For the students of bachelors and master’s scholarships are available in this category for those who want to study in China to pursue their careers in the Chinese language and different programs. The scholarship will provide the students the advantage of a monthly stipend, accommodation, health insurance traveling, etc.

Jiangsu university presidential scholarships

Those students who are eager to learn English language programs can apply for the scholarship. This scholarship program is for the postgraduate and doctorate level. Students can achieve complete and partial scholarships from higher education departments.

Zhangzhou University president scholarships

The scholarship program is specifically for students in degree programs of master’s and doctorate for 4 years in this country and chase their careers here. This will generate an unlimited bond between international and local students.

The schwarzmann scholar’s program

Those students who wish to obtain a postgraduate degree in one year are welcome to apply for this scholarship at the significant Institute of China. To be eligible for the scholarship you should have a bachelor’s degree and you must be under 29 years of age. Proficiency in language is also vital for the scholarship.

Tianjin university international student scholarships

This program is available for undergraduate programs. There are some definite programs that are offered to back specific students. To make yourself available for this scholarship, you must be proficient in either English or the Chinese language.

NPU scholarships

Completely and partially funded scholarships are being offered for foreign students. Those students who want to follow their careers at undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. levels are allowed to apply for the scholarship. The student will get the advantage of complete academic fees payment, stipend per month, accommodation facility and life insurance, etc.

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