UMY Fully Funded Scholarships Indonesia 2022

UMY Fully Funded Scholarships Indonesia 2022

Great news for scholarship seekers, a private university of Indonesia is offering scholarships to all domestic and international students. applications are accepted for UMY Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 at Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia. scholarships are available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. Degree programs in Indonesia.

This University provides different varieties of scholarships, but we are talking about a fully-funded scholarship, yes UMY scholarship is fully funded and covers all your expenses, this is the best opportunity to study abroad. This university is the second top university in Indonesia. Moreover, it’s offering a fully funded scholarship to all international and domestic students. Don’t waste your time, as it’s precious. If it appeals to you, just get applied.

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As we discussed above that this university offers different types of scholarships like Muhammadiyah UMY Hafizh Scholarship (Hafizh), UMY Achievement Scholarship, Muhammadiyah Distinguished Cadre scholarship, UMY General, and Achievement Scholarship, UMY Excellence Achievement Scholarship, Muhammadiyah Doctor Scholarship, and KIP-Tuition Scholarship. All the above-discussed scholarships are different from each other and have different perks for students, and some of them are open now. Don’t miss the opportunity, think about it!

Categories Of UMY Fully Funded Scholarships Indonesia:

There are seven types of UMY scholarships, their details are as follows:

  • Muhammadiyah Doctor Scholarship:

Students passed from  Muhammadiyah / Aisyiyah Islamic Boarding Schools, Muhammadiyah / Aisyiyah Orphanage, and Muhammadiyah senior high school are welcome to apply for UMY Muhammadiyah Doctor Scholarship. It’s the best opportunity for talented students who are financially not in the state to afford their study expenses.

  • KIP-Tuition Scholarship:

KIP-Tuition scholarship is covered by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. This scholarship is available for only Indonesian citizens. This scholarship is offering about 10 study programs.

  • UMY General and Achievement Scholarship:

UMY General and Achievement Scholarship are offered to the best achievers in academics while studying at UMY. This scholarship is a merit-based scholarship offered to students on the basis of their talent and interest.

  • UMY Excellence Achievement Scholarship (BPU):

This scholarship is offered to those students who are the best achievers in academics and non-academic fields at provisional, national, and international levels who are welcome to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship covers the tuition fees for 4 years of the program, but unfortunately, if you can’t maintain the required educational demands, so your scholarship will last after a year.

  • Hafizh Muhammadiyah (Hafizh) Scholarship:

This is one of the best scholarships for those who want to memorize QURAN-PAK, they will get 4 years of coverage of expenses. More than 20 majors are available for this scholarship.

  • Muhammadiyah Distinguished Cadre (KAUM) Scholarship:

This is an international scholarship for the tuition assistance program, and it is offered to Muhammadiyah cadres. Students having a good academic status will be offered this scholarship for 4 years. There are 20 majors are available to study under Muhammadiyah Distinguished Cadre (KAUM) Scholarship.

  • UMY Achievement Scholarship:

This scholarship is also a tuition assistance program, more than 20 major programs are offered by the university for this scholarship.

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