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La Trobe University Scholarships 2024

Applications for La Trobe University Scholarships have been opened now. We are going to provide the details of the scholarship program, its financial advantages, and step by step assistance on how to apply.

La Trobe University Scholarships offer partial funding to international students. These scholarships are provided for undergraduate and master’s programs. The scholarships are worth between a 15%, 20%, and 25% concession on annual tuition fees for the complete degree program, and a short number of seats are available.

La Trobe University regards academic brilliance. If you are an international student with outstanding academic grades and are looking to apply for a fully funded scholarship to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate education, your application will also be evaluated for eligibility to get a scholarship for the interval of your selected program at La Trobe.

Details of La Trobe University Scholarship

  • Country: Australia
  • Institution: La Trobe University
  • Degree Programs: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Program Period:
    • 4 years for undergraduate.
    • 3 years for masters.
  • Deadline: December 31 every year

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Available disciplines

Undergraduate Courses
  1. Accounting
  2. Archaeology
  3. Agricultural Sciences
  4. Animal and Veterinary Biosciences
  5. Arts
  6. Health Sciences
  7. Biological Sciences
  8. Biomedical Science
  9. Biomedicine
  10. Business
  11. Business (Accounting)
  12. Business (Accounting and Finance)
  13. Business (Agribusiness)
  14. Psychological Science
  15. Business (Event Management/Marketing)
  16. Business (Human Resource Management)
  17. Business (Marketing)
  18. Business (Sports Development and Management)
  19. Business (Tourism and Hospitality)
  20. Business Analytics
  21. Business Information Systems
  22. Civil Engineering
  23. Commerce
  24. Computer Science
  25. International Relations
  26. Laws
  27. Creative Arts
  28. Criminology
  29. Cybersecurity
  30. Digital Business
  31. Early Childhood and Primary Education
  32. Education (Primary)
  33. Education (Secondary)
  34. Educational Studies
  35. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  36. Engineering (Industrial)
  37. Finance
  38. Information Technology
  39. International Business
  40. International Relations
  41. Human Nutrition
  42. Humanities, Innovation, and Technology
  43. Languages and Linguistics
  44. Media and Communication
  45. Politics, Philosophy and Economics
  46. Media and Communication
  47. Outdoor Education
  48. Outdoor Recreation Education
  49. Pharmacy
  50. Physical, Health and Outdoor Education
  51. Politics, Philosophy, and Economics
  52. Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology)
  53. Sports and Exercise Science
  54. Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning
Masters Courses
  1. Archaeology
  2. Community Planning and Development
  3. Information Systems Management
  4. International Development
  5. International Relations
  6. Professional Archaeology
  7. Strategic Communication
  8. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
  9. Business Analytics
  10. Communication (Journalism Innovation)
  11. Community Planning and Development
  12. Information Systems Management
  13. Professional Archaeology
  14. Juris Doctor
  15. Accounting and Financial Management
  16. Applied Linguistics
  17. Artificial Intelligence
  18. Biotechnology Management
  19. Business Administration
  20. Business Administration (Advanced)
  21. Health Administration
  22. Business Information Management and Systems
  23. Chemical Sciences
  24. Communication (Journalism Innovation)
  25. Computer Science
  26. Construction and Engineering Management
  27. Cybersecurity (Business Operation)
  28. Cybersecurity (Computer Science)
  29. Cybersecurity (Law)
  30. Data Science
  31. Digital Health
  32. Digital Marketing Communications
  33. Education
  34. Educational Leadership and Management
  35. Engineering (Electronics)
  36. Engineering (Civil)
  37. Engineering Management
  38. Engineering (Manufacturing)
  39. Financial Analysis
  40. Financial Analysis (Financial Risk Management)
  41. Financial Analysis (Investment)
  42. Financial Analysis and Business Administration
  43. Financial Analysis and International Business
  44. Financial Analysis and Professional Accounting
  45. Health Sciences
  46. Information and Communication Technology
  47. Information Technology
  48. Information Technology (Computer Networks)
  49. International Business
  50. Laws
  51. Law and Entrepreneurship
  52. Management
  53. Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
  54. Management (Human Resource Management)
  55. Management (Project Management)
  56. Management (Sport Management)
  57. Management (Supply Chain and Logistics)
  58. Marketing
  59. Nursing Science
  60. Professional Accounting
  61. Professional Accounting (Business Analytics)
  62. Professional Accounting (Information Systems Management)
  63. Professional Archaeology
  64. Public Health
  65. Sports Analytics
  66. Strategic Communication
  67. Teaching (Primary)
  68. Teaching (Secondary)
  69. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  70. Telecommunications and Network Engineering

Financial Coverage of the Scholarship

Up to 25% of tuition fees will be covered for the extent of the program.

Scholarship awarded is grounded on WAM and general suitability for their course. The scholarship will be comprised of an offer letter.

WAM Scholarship Amount
55-69.9 La Trobe University International Academic Scholarship 15% scholarship on annual Fees
70-74.9 La Trobe University International Academic Scholarship 20% scholarship on annual Fees
75+ La Trobe University International Academic Scholarship 25% scholarship on annual Fees


A WAM is an average mark that intents the credit point value of the subjects that you have done. It is built on the authentic mark of all subjects accomplished in your program at any given time.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • The candidate must be a national of any country except Australia or New Zealand.
  • The candidate must not be already enrolled in a La Trobe program.
  • The candidate must match the English language and academic entry needs.
  • The candidate must be a full-fee affording student.
  • The candidate must be a new international enrolling for the session 2023-24.
  • The candidate must meet course fundamentals that are a weighted average mark (WAM) of at least 55 percent or higher (Australian Equivalency).

How to Apply?

  • Check for an eligible course.
  • Submit your application online, apply here.
  • Once you are provided your scholarship award letter (via email), it is significant that you fulfill any requirement in your offer (if applicable) and accept your offer on time to benefit from your scholarship.

For further questions please contact:

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