PIEAS University Scholarships 2022

PIEAS University Scholarships 2022

Students concerned about the PIEAS University Scholarships have a great opportunity to apply. This scholarship is funded by The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Only Pakistani students can apply for this scholarship. It’s a good opportunity to carry on your studies at one of the great Universities (PIEAS) in Pakistan, so don’t miss the chance.

PIEAS University Ranking

according to QS global university ranking, 2022 PIEAS University is the 398th best university in the world. And ranks 98th in Asia and ranks 3rd in Pakistan.

Students are given scholarships on the basis of tests and merit. One of the good things about this scholarship is that the student is offered 35,000/PKR in addition to the scholarship, and the students are required to serve at PIEAS University for 5 years after the completion of their degree program. The top student is ranked on the SPS-8 scale.

Selection Criteria:

Students are offered the scholarship based on the written test as well as interviews. The initial test is held in major cities across Pakistan. The application is online at the official website of PIEAS University, create your account and go on with the application form.

Financial benefits of PIEAS University Scholarships:

  • This scholarship covers the whole tuition fee and medical expenses.
  • The top student is ranked at the SPS-8 scale, and it’s incremented during the scholarship.
  • A stipend of 35,000/PKR is provided during the scholarship.

List of study fields:

PIEAS University offers the following degree programs:

  1. Physics.
  2. Chemistry.
  3. Cybersecurity.
  4. Radiation and medical oncology.
  5. Computer Science.
  6. Nuclear Engineering.
  7. Material Engineering.
  8. Medical physics.
  9. Electrical Engineering.
  10. Nuclear medicine.
  11. Mineral Resource Engineering.
  12. Mechanical Engineering.
  13. System Engineering.
  14. Process Engineering.
  15. Radiation physics.

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Eligibility criteria:

Everyone can apply for this scholarship, but the test and interview is compulsory for the scholarship to be offered.


The deadline for PIEAS Scholarship 2022 is June 13, 2022. For additional information, visit here.

How to apply for the PIEAS University Scholarship:

  • You can easily apply for this scholarship online. What you will have to do is just fill out the online application form. Please double-check your credentials before submitting an online admission form, because many times the form is filled with wrong credentials unintentionally, and you may not be informed about your admission status. So be careful!
  • For application, visit the official web portal PIEAS.


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