Fulbright Scholarships For International Students USA

Fulbright Scholarships For International Students USA

Candidates from 160 nations are welcome to apply for the Fulbright scholarships. Almost 4000 international students are awarded fully-funded scholarships every year

What Is Fulbright Scholarships?

Fulbright scholarships in the USA are considered one of the most valuable scholarships in the United States. It is a fully funded scholarship. Who funds Fulbright scholarships? The Fulbright Scholarships are fully-funded international scholarships funded by the United States Educational Foundation for Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs. The scholarship covers tuition fees, residence expenditures, health insurance, a computer, air tickets, and other living expenses. Alumni of Fulbright scholarships are participating in government, science, arts, business, and education in different parts of the world.

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Details About Fulbright Scholarships

  • Origin: USA
  • Host Institute: US partner Universities
  • Funded By: U.S. Department of States
  • No of Scholarship: 4,000 scholarships are awarded each year
  •  Nature Of Scholarship: Fully Funded

Scholarship Endowment Of Fulbright Scholarship

    • A monthly stipend will be provided to each student
    • The cost of air tickets will be covered.
    • A specific amount of stipend will be provided to students.
    • Tuition will be Covered.
    • Visa assistance will be provided to students.
    • Health insurance will be provided.

Fulbright Scholarship Requirements For International Students

Fulbright Scholarships requirements differ by nation.  Details about Fulbright Scholarship requirements, application procedures, and selection procedures are available on every country’s personal website.

Scholarship Requirements:

  1. The student should have a bright past regarding his curricular results.
  2. All the recent results must be submitted along with the application.
  3. GRE(Graduate Record Examination) will be considered.
  4. The research proposal and state of purpose must be patched alongside the scholarship application.


The deadline for applying for the Fulbright Scholarships differs with respect to countries. (Feb. to Oct. annually)

How To Apply For Fulbright Scholarship For International Students

  • Candidates are asked to contact the Fulbright Foundations or the US embassies for more details regarding deadlines, eligibility criteria, and application procedures.
  • Select Your country carefully when applying for the scholarship.
  • Before applying make a person on the official website.
  • Try your best to provide accurate information.



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  3. My name is nilab Ahmadi . Iam from Afghanistan and I want to learn my subfield at USA. I am student at Kabul University and I red psychology at here .I talent at mathematic and speaking. I learn leadership at the term of University . and I passed English language at the team of my school . I can cook very well. and I can get someone motivation.

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