Government Of Spain Scholarships 2021-22

Government Of Spain Scholarships 2021-22

It’s quite surprising, that the government of Spain had announced more than 800,000 scholarships for students. It’s gonna be a great opportunity for the students who are enthusiastic to have fully-funded scholarships, As the Spain government is offering well-ranked and competitive universities.

The Spanish government had dedicated the scholarships for Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctoral degrees. And government approves the investment of more than 200 million euros for scholarship purposes, this program includes scholarships for 800,000 students.

Funds of these scholarships are managed by the Department of Education and the Ministry of vocational training. Another interesting fact about Spain’s government scholarships is that there is a number of universities that are offering a couple of English courses without IELTS.


  • DEGREE LEVEL:   Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.
  • LOCATION:               Spain.
  • FINANCIAL AID:   Funded.


  • Scholarship Budget increases by: 36.9%
  • A to Z about this scholarship, click (Here).


 1)  Scholarship by the Spain government:

In this scholarship, we are talking about the opportunity discussed above in detail.

For more information check this out (More info).

 2) Scholarship of UIC Barcelona :

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) . This university welcomes students of all nationalities to come and polish their future through a great career. This university is offering a scholarship in various programs as follows: Bioengineering, Biomedicine, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Psychology, Law, Business, and Nursing, etc.

For more information check this out (More info).

 3) Scholarship of University of Granada :

The University of Granada is offering students to pursue Masters and Doctoral Degrees at Spain. You can also apply through the Erasmus scholarship at the University of Granada.

For more information check this out (More info)

Government Of  Spain Scholarships without IELTS :

To continue your study in Spain without IELTS, One of the following statements must be fulfilled. No IELTS needed:

  • If you are a Native speaker.
  • If you have done a preparatory course in the Spanish language.
  • Diploma from a Spanish Language School.
  • Any other course which demonstrates your proficiency in the English language.

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