Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program 2024

Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program 2024

Start your educational journey in the USA. The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship is now accepting applications. This essay will go into great depth about this scholarship, its advantages, and the method for applying.

For overseas students, the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship program 2024–2025 is a fully financed undergraduate and graduate scholarship.  Full tuition, a living allowance, travel expenses, and health insurance are all included in this program.

The Onsi Sawiris Scholarship program is open to Egyptian students who wish to pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees in top American universities. These will be awarded in accordance with the character and merit demonstrated by one’s achievements in extracurricular activities, entrepreneurship, and academics. Full tuition, a living allowance, travel expenses, and health insurance are all included in the scholarships. Additionally, beneficiaries of scholarships will have the choice of an internship job with the business.

The Onsi Sawiris Programme was started by Orascom Construction in 2000 in an effort to better the communities where it does business. This project involves corporate sponsorship for educational endeavors. This project provides an example of how the business community should constructively participate in educational projects in Egypt. The program’s goal is to provide young Egyptians the means to enhance their professions and build their character, therefore assisting the communities in which they reside.

Candidates who have not spent a substantial amount of time living, studying, or working overseas will be given preference. The only universities that qualify for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Programme are the Universities of Chicago, Stanford, Harvard, and Pennsylvania.

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Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters
  • Institution(s): Stanford University, The University of Chicago, Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania.
  • Study in: USA
  • Opportunity Focus Areas:
    • Engineering
    • Finance
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • Management
  • Program Period: 
    • Undergraduate: 4 Years
    • Master: 2 Years
  • Deadline: July 31, 2023

Scholarship Coverage

All fees, including complete tuition, a living stipend, expenses for travel, and health insurance are covered by the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria for Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program

If you want to be considered for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Programme, you must

For Undergraduates:

  • Be Egyptian citizens who reside in Egypt (applicants with mixed nationalities will not be given priority).
  • Be prepared to begin their academic careers in the United States in 2024.
  • Be committed to staying in Egypt for two years after earning your bachelor’s degree.
  • Have not spent more than three years living abroad.
  • iBT TOEFL: 100 or above
  • GPA of 3.5 and a Thanaweyya Amma certification grade of 90%, or similar certifications
  • Minimum SAT I Score:
    • Old SAT score (before May 2016): 2100 overall Counting: 700 Math: 700 the number 700
    • The New SAT will begin in May 2016: Total: 1450Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 730 Math: 730
  • or a 600 or higher on the SAT II in 3 subjects.
  • Have some Extracurricular Activities.

For Masters:

  • Be Egyptian citizens who live in Egypt (priority will be given to those who do not own a second nationality).
  • Plan to pursue a master’s degree in business administration or engineering at one of the best colleges in the US.
  • Have not lived more than 3 years abroad.
  • Be determined to spend two years in Egypt after receiving their bachelor’s degree.
  • TOEFL: iBT = 100 or above
  • GPA: 3.5 or above (Very Good or higher, Overall)
  • Three years of experience working is required.
  • MBA – GMAT score of 650 or above (achieved within 5 years)
  • Additional Academic Activities have participated in extracurricular activities in the past or now.
  • Previous GRE scores are no longer valid.
  • New GRE scores: Acceptable minimums
    • Overall: 302
    • Analytical Writing: 4.5
  • The study areas that are accessible are engineering, business administration, and construction management.

Important notes:

  • Candidates possessing a Master’s degree from Egypt in a technical subject other than the one for which they are applying will be taken into consideration.
  • Candidates who already possess a Master’s degree from a foreign university or a Master’s degree in the same field from an Egyptian university will not be given consideration.
  • Nomination for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Programme does not ensure admission to a university. Only applications to the universities listed below will receive help. If chosen, the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Programme prize will be presented at the time of enrollment.
  • Candidates who have not spent a substantial amount of time living, working, or studying abroad will be given preference.
  • The list of authorized universities is the only one eligible for the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Programme.

How to Apply for Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program?

Please take the following actions to apply for an Onsi Sawiris scholarship:

For Undergraduate Scholarship:

  • From here, create an account on the Amideast website.
  • Fill in all personal data.
  • Fill in all your educational details.
  • In the Statement of Purpose area, respond to the following two questions:
    • Q1: How will attend the institution you want to apply to help you succeed on these many levels, taking into account your personal, local, and national issues as they relate to your future? 500 words should be plenty to discuss. Please keep in mind that the essay you write for your application is very important.
    • Q2: What do you feel strongly about? How have you lived your life pursuing your passions? 350 written words should make up your essay. Please keep in mind that your essay is an essential part of your application.
  • The following documents to the attachments section:
    • Application form
    • Copy of transcripts
    • Resume
    • If available, a copy of your diploma or Thanaweyya Amma certificate
    • Copy of test scores (SAT I / or SAT II) & IBT TOEFL
    • Two recommendation letters
  • Submit your application.

For Masters Scholarship:

  • Application form: Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Graduate application.
  • Required Documents are:
    • Resume.
    • Copy of graduation certificate.
    • Copy of transcripts.
    • A copy of your exam results (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL iBT).
    • Two recommendation letters.
  •  Contact AMIDEAST at 19263 or send an email to OSSP@amideast.org with questions about the scholarship.


To find out more, go to the Onsi Sawiris Scholarship Program’s official website:

Official Website

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