How to Apply for Edith Cowan University Scholarship?

To apply for a scholarship from Edith Cowan University, please complete these steps:

  1. From here, pick a program.
  2. Create an account from this page, sign in, select Start a course application, complete the form, and submit it.
  3. It is advised that all candidates submit the following documentation:
    • All applicable academic transcripts, achievement awards, and work history.
    • Proof of academic English proficiency.
    • Copy of passport.
    • Resume / CV.
    • Recommendation letter
    • Personal statement
  4. Enter your account information, select Start a scholarship application, complete the form, and submit it.


  • You may apply for this scholarship if you have submitted an application for course entry but have not yet received an offer, or if you are currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s Honours Degree, Master’s Degree, or Integrated Ph.D. Your application will be evaluated pending the fulfillment of the minimal requirements.
  • By going here, you may learn more about the scholarship’s terms and conditions.


Please visit the official website for more information on the Edith Cowan University Scholarship:

Official Website