Embassy of Japan Scholarships Fully Funded 2023

Embassy of Japan Scholarships Fully Funded 2023

The Embassy of Japan abroad and the Government of Japan are now receiving applications from international students to apply for the Embassy of Japan Scholarships 2023. The Japanese Government Scholarships are offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs in any academic discipline at Japanese universities. All the expenses will be afforded by the University and the Government due to the scholarship. Embassy of Japan Scholarships are a Fully Funded. The Japanese Scholarships can be availed in all the Universities in Japan. These are very significant and top Scholarships.

Scholarships in Japan can be obtained without IELTS. The Japanese Government does not require the IELTS condition and Knowledge of the Japanese language is also not compulsory. You can select any of 5,769 undergraduate programs at 898 universities, 3,596 graduate programs at 653 universities, and 1,263 Ph.D. programs at 266 universities in Japan. The cost of studying in Japan is very reasonable than other countries. Japanese universities offer world-recognized degrees.

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Nearly 312,214 international students are enrolled in Japanese universities according to the latest report. The Japanese Government scholarships include Tuition Fees, Airfare Tickets, Accommodation expenses, and a Monthly allowance. The Japanese Government Scholarships assist more than 10,000 students from different areas in the world. After completion of their degrees in Japan, candidates can apply for Jobs in Japan for Foreigners. The List of the Embassy of Japan Scholarships 2023 is given below.

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Details of Embassy of Japan Scholarships 2023

  • Country: Japan
  • Capital: Tokyo
  • Currency: Japanese Yen
  • Degree Program: Bachelors, Masters, Ph.D.
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded.

Why is Japan suitable to study in?

  • Japanese universities help you pursue education without IELTS/TOEFL.
  • It does not restrict you to learn the Japanese Language.
  • Regularly Ranked in the Top 10 Countries for Education standards.
  • Largest Scholarship network.
  • Stunning country and peaceful life.
  • Welcome International students from all countries.
  • Very stable Job Opportunities, as well as chances of Internship.

Financial Coverage

The following financial benefits are available under Embassy of Japan scholarships.

  • Round Airfare travel tickets
  • Accommodation
  • Travel stipend
  • Allowance for Meals

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Interval of the Japanese Scholarships

  • Undergraduate: Students must have completed 12 years of education in countries other than Japan. The Degree comprises 4 years duration.
  • Graduate: Students must have completed 16 years of education in non-Japanese countries. The degree includes 2 years.
  • Postgraduate: Candidate must have finished 18 years of education in countries other than Japan. The interval of the degree will be 3 years.

List of Scholarships in Japan 2023

The Scholarships that are given below in Japan are for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Programs:

  1. Asia Pacific University Scholarship 2023

Asia Pacific University Japanese Government Scholarship is provided to undergo Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. Degree Program at the APU University. English Proficiency Language Certificate can be submitted in place of IELTS for the APU Scholarships

  1. Kyoto University Scholarships 2023

The Kyoto University in Japan accepts applications for Masters and Ph.D. Degree Programs. Kyoto University is ranked #125 in Best Global Universities. All global Students can apply for the Kyoto University Scholarship.

  • Scholarship Coverage: Tuition Fee, Monthly allowance, Return Air Tickets.
  • For More InformationVisit Here
  1. Toyohashi University Scholarship in Japan

The Toyohashi University of Technology is providing Fully Funded Scholarships to pursue Masters and Doctoral Degree Programs.

  • Financial Coverage: Tuition cost, Monthly Remuneration, Return Air Tickets.
  • For More Information: Visit Here
  1. Hokkaido University Scholarship in Japan

Hokkaido University is among the oldest, biggest, and most admired universities in Japan. They offer Fully Funded Hokkaido University President Scholarships to undergo the Master’s Degree Program and Ph.D. Degree Programs.

Knowledge of the Japanese Language and IELTS/TOEFL is not required for Japanese Scholarships.

  • Financial Coverage: Full Tuition Fee, Return Air Tickets, Monthly Stipend.
  • For More Information: Visit Here
  1. Honjo International Scholarship in Japan

The major aim of Honjo International Scholarships is to welcome outstanding and brilliant students from all around the world to pursue a Master’s or Ph.D. Degree in Japan in any academic discipline.

  1. University of Tokyo Scholarship

The University of Tokyo is opening a Fully Funded MEXT University Recommendation Scholarship in Japan for Masters & Ph.D. The University of Tokyo is a highly ranked University in Japan and is also Ranked in the world. It is among the Renowned Universities in Japan.

  1. Yokohama National University Scholarship

The YNU Scholarship is Fully Funded, and backed by the Government of Japan for Education. Yokohama National University is one of the top government universities in Yokohama, Japan. The Scholarship is open for Masters and Ph.D. Programs.

  1. Osaka University Scholarship in Japan

The Osaka University Scholarship is Funded by the Government of Japan to pursue Masters or a Ph.D. Degree Programs at the best Japanese University. Osaka University ranks 71st among the world’s best universities and is Japan’s 3rd best university.

  1. ADB Japan Scholarship at the University of Tokyo

The Asian Development awards a Fully Funded Master’s Scholarship to International students at the University of Tokyo, Japan. It includes Airfare Tickets, Meals costs, Accommodation expenses, Health insurance, Books, Visas, and living expenses.

Downloadable Excel File for Scholarship List in Japan

Here is a List of the Universities in Japan offering MEXT Scholarships.

Download Here

List of Japanese Universities Without IELTS

  1. Asia Pacific University Japan
  2. Yokohama National University
  3. University of Sistema
  4. Hiroshima University
  5. Meiji University
  6. Toyohashi University of Technology
  7. University of Tsukuba
  8. University of Tokyo

How to Study in Japan without IELTS?

Firstly, Japanese universities don’t demand IELTS, TOEFL, or Japanese Language requirements.

If you have completed your previous degree in an English medium institute then you will not be asked to submit IELTS Scores. Provide the English Language Proficiency Certificate obtained from your previous institution.

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