Government Of Belgium Fully Funded Scholarship

Government Of Belgium Fully Funded Scholarship

Now it’s time to apply for the government of Belgium scholarship 2023. The government of Belgium offers scholarships to all international and domestic students, who wish to study abroad. This scholarship is available for Bachelor’s, Master’s degree level, and training courses in Belgium. 200 scholarships are available for the Master’s degree program and 70 grants are available for short training courses. The Belgian government funds this scholarship and all expenses are covered.

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The Belgian government offers this scholarship to students who belong to developing countries. It’s a fully-funded scholarship, all expenses are covered in this scholarship. Belgium is one of the good destinations to study abroad, there is quality education with well-reputed institutions. Don’t waste your time, get applied if it appeals to you.

Financial coverage:

This scholarship is fully funded, and all funds are managed by the Belgian government. This scholarship covers all expenses. A fully funded scholarship includes:

  • Tuition fee.
  • accommodation and living expenses.

Available fields:

check out the following available fields, if you are interested in any of the following fields so don’t waste your time and get applied.

  • Bachelier de spécialisation en pédiatrie et néonatologie
  • Master of specialization in human rights
  • Master of specialization in risk and disaster management
  • Specialized Master in International and Development Economics
  • Specialized Master in Microfinance
  • Master of Science in Public Health Methodology
  • Master of Science and Environmental Management in Developing Countries
  • Transport and logistics master’s degree.
  • Bachelier de spécialisation en Business Data Analysis
  • Master of specialization in development, environment, and societies
  • Master of specialization in aquatic resources management and aquaculture
  • Master of specialization in integrated management of health risks in developing countries (GIRISS)
  • Master of Specialization in Transfusion Medicine
  • A master’s degree in integrated production and preservation of natural resources in urban and peri-urban areas
  • Research Methods Applied to Global Health – Master of Specialization in Public Health Sciences

How to apply:

You can easily apply for this scholarship online, what you will have to do is just fill out the online application form. Please double-check your credentials before submitting an online admission form because many times the form is filled with the wrong credentials unintentionally, and you may not be informed about your admission status. So be careful!

To apply, please visit the official website


The last date to apply for this scholarship is January 27, 2023. Don’t get late, just get applied.

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