Fully-Funded Scholarships For Africans Without IELTS

Fully-Funded Scholarships For Africans Without IELTS

If you are from Africa and want to study abroad, so you can apply for Fully Funded Scholarships for Africans without IELTS. This scholarship is fully funded. This scholarship covers your tuition fees and monthly allowance. Scholarships are given for the undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral degree programs. These scholarships are given to students who cannot study abroad on their own.

Scholarships are open for students from any nation, but this is particularly related to African students. Eastern African, Northern African, Sub-Saharan African, Middle African, Western African, and Southern African are all eligible.

The top study destination requires as much as $1,025 price for a flight to the United States and Nigeria’s monthly salary is only $1,136. So that, you cannot afford this price and give up your dream to study abroad. Various scholarships are accessible for Africans, several even cover everything from flight tickets to tuition fees and living expenses.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships For Africans:

Here, is the list of the best African scholarships:

  1. British Chevening Scholarship in the UK:

Students from all around the world can apply for a British Chevening scholarship. This scholarship is for a one-year master’s degree program. This scholarship is fully funded and covers your accommodation, tuition fees, and flight expenses. During the one-year scholarship program, you have a chance to live in the UK and to develop your academic and professional skills.

  1. University of Western Australia:

Interested students can also apply for this scholarship. From this scholarship, Undergraduate students can receive $48000 for 4 years, and for a post-graduate program, $2400 is the maximum amount that a student can receive.

  1. Scholarship in the UK:

For international students, there are nearly 3,000 scholarships accessible in the UK. African students can also apply for this scholarship.

  1. University of Portsmouth:

At the University of Portsmouth, Scholarships are accessible to international as well as European Union students. The university provides many scholarships to international and European Union students.

  1. ViceChancellor Global Development Scholarship:

You can apply for the vice-chancellor global development scholarship if you are from any African country.

  1. University of Birmingham Commonwealth Scholarships:

The University of Birmingham offers scholarships for the countries, so that, students from Africa can apply for this university scholarship program.

  1. Universities in China:

Many Chinese universities provide scholarships to international students, both fully funded and partially funded. There are many scholarships available for African students in China.

  1. SNHU:

Since 1932, Southern New Hampshire University has started higher education. Students from around the world are provided with a quality education. Additionally, for international students, the University provides the best scholarship programs.

  1. Scholarships of Erasmus Mundus:

Developing countries students including Africans are offered scholarships by the European Commission.

  1. Scholarship of VLIR_UOS training and master’s degree:

This scholarship is given to African students also students from developing countries in Belgium.

  1. Switzerland:

Scholarships are provided in Switzerland for MBA students at IMD. Developing countries students can apply also.

  1. Scholarship of Slovak Government:

Students in Africa and other developing countries can apply for this scholarship provided by Poland. The scholarship is financed by the Slovak government.

  1. Study Scholarship in Swedish Institute

The scholarship is fully funded for students in Africa and developing countries having a master’s degree. Tuition fees and living expenses are covered through this scholarship.

  1. US Universities Providing International Scholarships:

  • Emory University.
  • Illinois State University.
  • The University of Minnesota.
  • Harvard University.

List of University Without IELTS for African:

  1. Brock University.
  2. The University of Lowa.
  3. Carleton University
  4. University of Saskatchewan
  5. The University of New Orleans.
  6. University of Colorado
  7. California State University
  8. Drexel University
  9. State University of New York
  10. The University of Winnipeg.
  11. University of Arkansas

Eligibility criteria:

Students are not needed to take IELTS for the above-mentioned Universities from African countries. If Students have good English speaking and writing skills, they can get admission to these universities. International students can also admit to these universities, but without IELTS for admission.


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