Day 1 CPT Universities List in USA

Day 1 CPT Universities List in USA

CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is a sort of internship that a student can undergo during their study in the United States. Various Day 1 CPT Universities are available in the USA. International students that enter American universities on F1 Visa can take benefit. Many worldwide students look for jobs abroad to fulfill their educational and living expenses while studying in foreign countries. This article will list the Top 19 Best Day 1 CPT Universities in the USA. CPT is an obligatory employment program mandatory to finalize the degree program.

19 Universities in the United States present Day 1 CPT. If you are searching for an affordable education facility in the USA, visit USA Scholarships Without GRE for 2022. Three different types of CPT are offered in the USA.

Types of Day 1 CPT

  1. Degree-based CPT: The students are required to complete an internship during the degree program in order to complete their coursework and receive a degree.
  2. Course-based CPT: Students can opt for two ways in this CPT: students undergoing a particular program can achieve a grade through employment or by planning their own research project based on employment.
  3. Cooperative CPT: It might be permitted and may be certified when employment is part of a recognized formal co-operative educational contract between your department and a particular employer.

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Eligibility Criteria for Day 1 CPT Universities

  • You must retain the F-1 visa requirements for each semester you are enrolled.
  • You must have selected a particular discipline otherwise, you will not be eligible for day 1 CPT.
  • Visiting exchange students are not eligible.
  • You must be registered for the complete academic year.

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List of Top Day 1 CPT Universities in the USA

  1. University of the Cumberlands

Positioned in Williamsburg, Kentucky, and originated by Baptist ministers, the University of the Cumberlands is a Christianity-based secondary school of education offering a day 1 CPT program.

It is for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate levels. Business Administration, Psychology, and Physician Assistant Studies are available. Education is a major field offered at the University of the Cumberlands.

  1. Vanderbilt University

With enrolled students of around 12,800, both undergraduate and graduate programs are offered here. A wide variety of majors is available.

Vanderbilt University is well-known for its lesser student-to-faculty ratio. It also provides a 1 day CPT.

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  1. International Technological University

The school offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree programs that mainly emphasize business and technology programs.

This school is also based on the American STEM Initiative and offers students an Academic Internship Program. International Technological University also includes a day 1 CPT program.

  1. United States University

San Diego, California secondary school of education provides many days 1 CPT programs for global students, and these programs are available in multiple disciplines.

  1. New Jersey Institute of Technology

A Top 100 National University, a highly-ranked Public Honors College, and nominated No.1 in the Students’ community offers several field areas, like Business, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science.

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  1. Westcliff University

Situated in California, Westcliff University proposes a day 1 CPT program for worldwide students.

College of Business offers the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Business (BBA)
  • Master in Computer Science (MSCS)
  • Doctor of Business (DBA)
  • Masters of Business (MBA)
  • Master in Information Technology (MSIT)
  • Undergraduate Certificates
  • Graduate Certificates

College of Education offers the following programs:

  • TESOL Certificate
  • BAED
  1. Trine University

Trine University was established in 1884. It offers numerous degree programs. Bachelor’s Degrees programs comprise disciplines in the areas of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Computing, Business, Education, and Health Sciences. Trine University also provides graduate degree programs in Business Administration (MBA), Science with a Major in Criminal Justice, Science in Engineering Management, Science in Information Studies, Physician Assistant Studies, and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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  1. Monroe College

Sited in the Bronx, New York, Monroe College was instituted in 1933 as a school for females. Monroe College allows females and males now, and a day 1 CPT program is also available for international students.

A wide variety of undergraduate programs of study are available including Business and Accounting, Education, Culinary, Hospitality, and Criminal Justice. Health Care Administration, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Computer Science, Hospitality, Education, and Health Care Administration are available at the master’s level.

  1. Wichita State University

Wichita State University is located in Kansas, US. The university also includes CPT for international students. World Health Organization frequently works part-time during the spring and fall semesters. Though, it will work full-time during the winter and summer breaks. Students are required to apply for a full-time if they want to get a CPT.

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Other Day 1 CPT Universities

The following institutions also offer day 1 CPT programs for international students along with the above-mentioned academic institutions:

  1. Knowledge Systems Institute
  2. Globe University/Minnesota School of Business
  3. Infoserve Technologies Institute
  4. Virginia International University
  5. Wichita State University
  6. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
  7. Everest University
  8. University of North America
  9. Stratford University
  10. Goldey-Beacom College
  11. Hamline University

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