Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 2023

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 2023

Hi! Now it’s time to fulfill your dream to study in Japan. Honjo International scholarships are now open to apply for. If you are interested to study in Japan then don’t miss this great chance. Here we will give the complete details about the scholarship program: its advantages along with the application process.

This international scholarship foundation for the years 2023-2024 provides fully-funded scholarships to international students. This scholarship is available to Ph.D. and master-level students. The scholarship program offers Honjo International Scholarship Foundation offers monthly allowance, accommodation charges, and Travel expenses to attend an international conference.

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Honjo International Scholarship Foundation is developed to give scholarships to extraordinary students who face financial difficulties studying in many developing countries and also given to Japanese students who are studying abroad to help them learn advanced technology and to improve cultural and mutually friendly relations with the rest of the world.

Detail About Honjo International Scholarship Foundation:

  • Country: Japan
  • University: Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
  • Degree level: Masters, Ph.D.
  • Opportunity fields: any field of research.
  • Duration: 1-5 years.
  • Deadline: April 30, 2023, or October 31, 2023.

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Advantages Scholarship:

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation offers the following advantages to the applicant:

  • ¥210,000 per month (1- 2 years).
  • ¥190,000 per month (3 years).
  • ¥160,000 per month (4-5 years).
  • Travel allowance is granted to attend an international conference.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Following criteria should be fulfilled in order to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • Language: English and Japanese
  • Countries: From all around the world.
  • Students enrolled in professional graduate schools are not eligible for scholarships but students who can submit research plans are eligible.
  • The Student applying for the Ph.D. program must have been born after August 31, 1984, and the student applying for the master’s program must have been born after August 31, 1989, to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • The student should have a strong aim to serve his / her home country after graduation, but it doesn’t mean having employment guaranteed to return to his / her home country just after graduating from the university.
  • The student must have an understanding of international relations and must attend the events organized by the foundation.
  • The student must be able to carry out daily conversations in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in the Japanese language only.
  • For more information visit official website link given below.

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How to Apply?

Now follow the following steps to get Foreign Students Scholarship:

(1) Enter “web application system”. Fill out the application form carefully.

  • Academic transcript:
  1. Of undergraduate courses at the university.
  2. Of Any other courses that you are currently taking in or in the past.

(All the applicants must provide at least the academic transcript from the undergraduate course)

  • Scholarship application form:

A scholarship application form, a resume, and a personal information form (1 set of 3 pages), attach your photo to the application form. Fill out the form in Japanese.

  • Research plan:

Should consist of:

  1. i) An outline of your research
  2. ii) Projected schedule between now and graduation

iii) Your goals for the future

  1. iv) The Research you have conducted in the past.
  • Recommendation letter:

A Recommendation letter from an academic supervisor from your previous institution is required.  There is no restriction in style and pages.

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  • Enrollment certificate:

A certificate of enrollment is required.

If the entrance test has not been held or the result is not announced before you apply for a scholarship then write the exam date or date of announcement of the result at the end of the application form.

Attach the above document in either English or Japanese language.

(2) Once your application form is submitted, the application number will be issued, as well as PDF of your application form will be created. Save your PDF file as you will need it when the result is announced on our website.


For more information about Honjo international scholarship, visit the official website:

Official Website

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